Boards & Committees

  1. Board Vacancies

    Learn about the current vacancies for the boards, commissions, and committees serving the City of Fort Myers.

  2. Board Applications & Forms

    Find applications for appointment to advisory boards and committees as well as requesting address identification confidentiality.

  3. Brownfield Advisory Board

    Learn about the Brownfield Advisory and its members.

  4. Local Affordable Housing Advisory

    Read about the qualifications to serve on the Affordable Housing Advisory and find meeting and member information.

  5. Beautification Advisory Board

    Read about the qualifications, duties and requirements of this Fort Myers board.

  6. Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board

    Review the qualifications, requirements, meeting times, and member information for the board.

  7. Board of Adjustments

    Find out the member qualifications and meeting times for the Board of Adjustments.

  8. Building & Zoning Oversight Committee

    Read about the Building and Zoning Oversight Committee's upcoming meetings.

  9. Citizens Police Review Board

    Check out the qualifications and requirements for members of the Citizens Police Review Board.

  10. Code Enforcement Board

    Read about the Code Enforcement Board and the duties of the members of the board.

  11. Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board

    Find out the meeting times of the advisory to the Community Redevelopment Agency.

  12. Community Redevelopment Agency Board

    Read about the meeting times for the Community Redevelopment Agency Board.

  13. Economic Development Advisory Board

    Advisory board in matters related to the City’s economic development strategic plan.

  14. Historic Preservation Commission

    Learn about the qualifications, requirements, and meetings of the Historic Preservation Commission.

  15. Nuisance Abatement Board

    Find out what qualifications and requirements are a part of being a member of the Nuisance Abatement Board.

  16. Planning Board

    Obtain information about the Planning Board including meeting times, member qualifications, and upcoming agendas.

  17. Public Art Committee

    Find out the duties and responsibilities of the Public Art Committee and learn where and when meetings are held.

  18. Special Events Advisory Board

    Find out the requirements and qualifications for serving on the Special Events Advisory Board.

  19. STARS Management Advisory Board

    Read about the qualifications and requirements for members of this advisory board.

  20. Teen Advisory Council

    Learn about the Teen Advisory Council and the duties of the council members.