Commendations & Complaints

If you would like to commend an employee, or file a complaint about an employee of the Fort Myers Police Department you can work directly with the Professional Standards Bureau by email. If you would like more information on the filed commendation or complaint, please contact the Fort Myers Police Department.
Bring your complaint to the attention of the Professional Standards Bureau as soon as possible, either in person, by telephone, fax or email. You may also call the Police Department’s main switchboard at 239-321-7700 and ask to speak to the on-duty patrol shift commander or a supervisor.

Filing a Formal Complaint Process
  1. The Professional Standards Bureau will take sworn statements from the complainant and any witnesses to the incident. These statements are notarized and treated in the same manner as testimony in a court of law, therefore, perjury statutes apply.
  2. The officer involved, and any other officer at the scene of the incident, may be required to submit a sworn statement in response to the complaint.
  3. When appropriate, medical records are examined, physical evidence is gathered, and photographs may be taken.
  4. The complainant and witnesses may be requested to take a polygraph examination.
  5. Once the investigation is completed, the case is forwarded to the employee's Lieutenant and then to the Bureau Commanders for review and disposition and then to the Chief of Police (if required by policy).
  6. The Chief of Police decides if discipline (suspension or higher) will be administered to the officer.
  7. An officer can appeal disciplinary action through their bargaining unit or Civil Service Board or to an arbitrator. The arbitrator may alter or sustain the Chief of Police's decision.
  8. Upon final disposition of the case, a written response from the Professional Standards Bureau will be sent to the citizen and the officer involved.