Specialty Units

  1. Career Criminal Task Force

    The primary goal of the task force is to identify habitual criminals and other criminals who have been arrested a number of times and ensure they are aggressively prosecuted.

  2. COPE Unit

    The purpose of Community Offender Probation and Education (COPE) Unit is to assist prison releasees reentering society.

  3. Crime Scene Unit

    The Crime Scene Unit responds to burglaries, homicides and the like and collects evidence.

  4. Downtown Bicycle Unit

    The Fort Myers Police Department routinely utilizes specially trained officers to patrol the city on bicycles instead of cars.

  5. GRAMPA Cops

    The GRAMPA Cops work in the public and private elementary schools to supplement the work of the School Resource Officers

  6. Juvenile Arrest & Monitor (JAM)

    The Juvenile Arrest and Monitor Unit (JAM) is responsible for intensely monitoring young people who the courts have assigned to community control and home detention.

  7. K-9 Patrol

    The K-9 Unit includes 6 teams of highly trained police dogs and their partners.

  8. Traffic Unit

    Traffic officers focus on enforcing traffic laws through citations and public education. They investigate traffic crashes, primarily those in which motorists suffer serious or fatal injuries.