About the Program
The Getting Retirees Actively Motivated to Policing Again (GRAMPA) cops, who work in the public and private elementary schools, supplement the work of the school resource officers. The GRAMPA Cop Program has been very successful and has gained national recognition.

GRAMPA cops are retired law enforcement officers who educate children about safety and drug prevention. The program successfully utilizes the extensive experience of older residents and brings officers together with children at an early age.

Duties & Responsibilities
GRAMPA cops are assigned to elementary schools and use classroom visits and assemblies to convey safety messages to the boys and girls and from time to time will eat lunch with the students in the schools that they are assigned to. The GRAMPA cops are presenting the Let’s Educate About Drugs (LEAD) Program to the elementary students.

Program Benefits

Research is strong on early intervention, the earlier the better. Educators believe that the 5th-grade level represents a turning point for elementary school students. Children at this age begin to think more about the society around them, their place within that society, and the laws, customs and traditions that shape how society functions. Programs for 5th graders that promote nonviolence, positive attitudes, and interpersonal skills are crucial for preventing juvenile delinquency.

The other great thing about the GRAMPA cops is they can make some positive images in the way kids see law enforcement; there is a chance to dispel some rumors as to what law enforcement is about in a very positive environment.