Swimming Lessons

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2015 Lessons
  • $35 for 8 sessions for City of Fort Myers resident
  • $40 for 8 sessions for non-residents

             All children between the ages of 4 to 12 must be swim tested BEFORE registration!
                                 SWIM TESTS START February 29th till August 13th.
                                     EVERY YEAR your child needs to be retested.

                    Scholarships are available, call (239) 321-7553, for more information!

 In the event of inclement weather, swim lessons will be cancelled with as much notice as possible. Classes will be held unless notice is given. For more information, contact the Aquatics staff by email or by phone at 239-321-7553

Parent & Infant Classes
This program works to help children safely enjoy being in and around the water. Parents are instructed, in water, how to assist in the development of their child's future swimming skills.

Adult Swimming Lessons
It’s never to late! Level 1 is designed for beginning swimmers, ages 13 and older, who have not yet learned to swim or those who are not comfortable in the water. Level 2 is designed for those swimmers, ages 13 and older who are able to swim, but are looking to develop or refine their strokes. Great for lap swimmers.

Youth Swimming Lessons
Swim Tests start February 29th till August 13th. Every year a new swim test must be done. 
Level 1
Level 1 is for beginning swimmers ages 4 - 12. In Level 1, children will learn the basic water safety skills and become comfortable in the water. Skills taught in this class include blowing bubbles, back and front float, kicking, and front crawl.

Level 2
Level 2 is designed for children ages 4 - 12 who can swim at least 15 yards unassisted. The goal of Level 2 is to increase the participants skill level by refining and emphasizing breathing techniques, freestyle and backstroke, and introducing the breast stroke.

Level 3
Level 3 is designed for efficient swimmers who are looking to refine their free, back, and breast strokes. In Level 3, the participants are also introduced to the butterfly and side strokes, flip turns, and diving blocks. Participants must be 4 years of age and older to participate in youth swimming lessons. All participants must be swim tested and issued a placement card prior to registering for youth swimming lessons to ensure proper placement. Please call our staff to schedule a swim test at 1 of our 3 locations.