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Invitation for Proposals - Notice of Disposal of Real Property Inside and Outside of Community Redevelopment Areas

Invitations to Bid

ITB #26-16-17, Tank Replacement at Central and South Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facilities

ITB #27-16-17, McGregor Boulevard Flexible Pavement Reconstruction from Colonial Boulevard to Poinciana

ITB #65-15-16, Procurement of a New Mobile Stage

Request for Proposals

RFP #7027-17, City Pier Building Lease

Request for Qualifications

RFQ 01-27-17-PW, Harborside Event Center & Hotel Oversight Team

RFQ #09-28-16-PW, East Water Storage Tank and Booster Pump Station Improvements Design Contract

RFQ #8010-16, State Lobbyist Services City of Fort Myers, FL

RFQ #08/09/16-PW, Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Services for McGregor Boulevard Flexible Pavement Reconstruction