Fire Hydrant Testing

Hydrant Inspection

The Fort Myers Fire Department conducts tests on public fire hydrants.  Testing of fire hydrants is essential to ensure they are working properly, have enough pressure for firefighting operations, and are not in need of any repairs.

FYI opening fire hydrants can sometimes cause a temporary discoloration of water.  This discoloration is a result of flowing the hydrants at a high pressure.  If you are concerned or have questions, please contact the City's Water Department.

Problems with fire hydrants or out of service hydrants should be reported to the City's Water Department at 239-321-8100.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between public and private fire hydrants?

Fire hydrants that are installed on an individuals property are typically private, while public are those that are found in public areas and are maintained by the City.  Typically public hydrants are yellow and private hydrants are red.  Maintenance of private fire hydrants are the responsibility of the owner/occupant

Why are hydrants left flowing?

Sometimes hydrants are left flowing to clear out a line due to work performed.  Further questions can be directed to the City's Water Department at 239-321-8100.

Does the Fire Department maintain fire hydrants?

No, the Fort Myers Fire Department is not responsible for maintaining fire hydrants.  Please contact the City's Water Department at 239-321-8100 with any issues relating to any public fire hydrant.