Knox Box

The City of Fort Myers Fire Department responds to multiple emergencies with the primary goal of life safety. The Knox Box provides emergency responders the ability to gain rapid  access into secured structures.  


              Safety               Security
  • Enable first responder access
  • Eliminate barriers to entry
  • Gain rapid access entry

  • Avoid unsafe forced entry
  • Reduce workforce injuries
  • Minimize property damage

  • Manage key access
  • Audit trail activity report
  • Knox Boxes are 1037 UL listed

Commercial Knox Box

Commercial Knox Box

To order a Commercial Knox Box for your place of business, visit the Knox Box Website at: Knox Box Official Site.

Residential Knox Box           

Residential Knox Box

The Fort Myers Fire Department offer a residential Knox Box program for residents of the community. You can purchase a residential Knox Box or rent one from the Fort Myers Fire Department (if available). Once the Knox Box is received the Fort Myers Fire Department will assist with installing your box and placing keys inside it.

For more information on residential Knox Boxes or to purchase, visit the website at:

Residential Knox Boxes

For further assistance or questions, Please contact the City of Fort Myers Fire Department at 239-321-7311