CRA History

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Fort Myers (Agency) was established in 1988 to carry out redevelopment efforts in three redevelopment areas within the City of Fort Myers which had each been declared blighted and were in need of revitalization. Now over 30 years later, the Agency oversees twelve redevelopment areas located within the City limits.

Under Ordinance 2249, the City of Fort Myers created the Fort Myers Downtown Redevelopment Agency (DRA) in 1984 to combat the deteriorating conditions within the downtown commercial area. Originally established as an independent special district, the City Council passed Ordinance 2426 in 1988 appointing itself as the governing body of the Agency, under the auspices of Florida Statute Chapter 163. With the passage of this ordinance, the DRA became a division of the CRA-CFM and the Agency itself was converted to a Dependent Special District. Currently, the City Council, along with the Mayor, continue to serve as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board.

The name of the DRA has since changed to the Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in order to better reflect its redevelopment efforts throughout the City as it oversees these redevelopment areas.

The CRA works together with the City’s Community Development Division to prepare plans for the revitalization of each area and coordinate the implementation of the plan’s recommendations. Tax increment funds generated by each area, combined with other funding sources, are used to upgrade the public infrastructure and to stimulate redevelopment.

  • Central Fort Myers Redevelopment Area
  • Cleveland Redevelopment Area (4 sub-areas)
  • Downtown Redevelopment Area
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Redevelopment Area (4 sub-areas)
  • East Fort Myers Redevelopment Area
  • Westwood Redevelopment Area

Today, Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency is “Advancing Businesses, Transforming Communities, Redeveloping Fort Myers for the Future”.

  1. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Physical Address
    1400 Jackson Street
    Fort Myers, FL 33901

    Phone: 239-321-7100

    Michele Hylton-Terry, Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Rectangular Image
    Michele Hylton-Terry
    Executive Director
    Phone: 239-321-7100

    Antoine Williams Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency Assistant Director Rectangular Image
    Antoine Williams
    Assistant Director
    Phone: 239-321-7100

    Cheryl V. Thornton
    Fiscal Manager
    Phone: 239-321-7100

    Natalie S. Dunham
    Advertising & Promotions Manager
    Phone: 239-321-7100

    Sheryl Rea
    Sr. Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 239-321-7100