Internships for the City of Fort Myers is a great way to learn the work environment of the career a student is enrolled in college for.  An Intern must be in an approved educational program that is in alignment with the City department they are working in. If the student is taking the Internship for college/educational credits, then an educational plan may need approval of the department head of the City and the educational institution of the student, prior to starting an internship.

Under the general direction of the designated supervisor, the intern will provide support to current staff to complete research, analysis, data entry, preparation of forms and documents pertaining to duties and activities of existing personnel. They may also perform labor-intensive work indoors or outdoors in varying climate conditions, depending on department activities.

The purpose of the internship is to receive on-the-job exposure and experience to learn how to perform a variety of duties in the work area. Students assigned to this classification may perform routine duties and non-routine duties. Emphasis is placed on providing varied, meaningful learning experiences to the student, while at the same time providing work assistance to the City.

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