Minority Business Enterprise Program

The City values diversity and the participation of all groups and persons in the local economy. Minority owned business resources and registry certification are available at the MyFloridaMarket Place Vendor Information Portal. The City forwards all formal solicitations the Florida Office of Diversity to post on their website. 

The City has created a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program to

  • assist and protect the interests of minority businesses; 
  • promote and encourage full and open competition in the city; and
  • enhance opportunities for individuals to successfully compete in a free market as independent business owners in the city. 

The program shall apply to all contracts and shall include procedures to increase the participation of MBE.

As a goal, the city shall utilize minority business enterprises for fifteen (15) percent of the total dollars when contracting for construction contracts through prime contracts or subcontracts.

The Contracts Administrator shall be responsible for monitoring the execution of the contract between the general contractor and all minority business enterprise subcontractors. Presentation of an approved, executed minority business enterprise contract within ten days after award of the contract is a prerequisite to execution of a contract between the City and the general contractor.

Procurement Services shall maintain a list of services provided by Minority Business Enterprises located in the county that are on the State Office of Diversity list of Certified Minority Businesses for participation in City contracts.

All City staff shall provide the following opportunities to MBEs:

  1. Procurement of goods and services between $3,000 and $25,000:  Award is made to the lowest offer unless an MBE is within 7% of the lowest non-MBE offer;
  2. Procurement of goods and services over $25,000:  Award is made to the lowest offer, unless and MBE is within the lower of $10,000 or 6% of the lowest non-MBE offer;
  3. Construction Bids:  All vendors are required to complete and submit with their bid documents, information contained on the Utilization and Good Faith Effort form, demonstrating that they can or cannot meet or exceed the 15% goal utilizing MBEs;
  4. All MBEs shall be set up with net 0 payment terms to be paid on the next check run upon receipt of an approved invoice.

Fort Myers Minority Business Forum 12/14/2022 (video)