Minority Business Enterprise Program

The city values diversity and the participation of all groups and persons in the local economy. Minority owned business resources and registry certification are available at the Florida Office of Supplier Diversity.

Minority Business Enterprise Program

The City has created a minority business enterprise program to assist and protect the interests of minority businesses in order to promote and encourage full and open competition in the city, and to enhance opportunities for individuals to successfully compete in a free market as independent business owners in the city. The program shall apply to all contracts and shall include the taking of steps to increase the participation of minority business enterprises.

As a goal, the city shall utilize minority business enterprises for 15 percent of the total dollars when contracting for construction contracts through prime contracts or subcontracts. The contracts administrator shall be responsible for monitoring the execution of the contract between the general contractor and all minority business enterprise subcontractors. Presentation of an approved, executed minority business enterprise contract is a prerequisite to execution of a contract between the city and the general contractor, within ten days after award of the contract.

The procurement services division shall maintain a list of services provided by minority business enterprises located in the county that are on the state office of diversity list of certified minority businesses for participation in city contracts that will be used when the city is purchasing goods and services under $25,000.00, but more than the established small dollar threshold for the city. Those measures shall include a provision that every effort will be made by purchasing agents to contact all minority business enterprises within a particular commodity area for purchases under $25,000.00, but more than the established small dollar threshold for the city. Awards of purchases under $25,000.00, but more than the established small dollar threshold for the city will be made to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder unless a minority business enterprise is within seven percent of the lowest nonminority business enterprise bid, then the award shall be made to the minority business enterprise submitting the lowest bid.

List of registered State of Florida Minority Business Enterprises registered in Lee County.