Water Treatment Plant

About the Plant 

The Water Treatment Plant provides a safe water service to citizens and works to ensure water quality control measures meet or exceed state and federal regulations on safe drinking water. 

The plant capacity is 12 million gallons with a daily demand of 6.5 million gallons. The plant is completely automated and is operated 24 hours per day by state-certified operators. The operation budget is approximately $2.8 million per year, resulting in a cost per thousand gallons of water treated of approximately $1.12. 

Purifying Process

The source water for the plant is the Floridan Aquifer.  The plant has 16 wells located in the aquifer approximately 800 feet deep.  The plant process is reverse osmosis that consists of 2,688 low pressure membrane elements.  The elements are 8.5 inches in diameter and 40 inches long and are manufactured by TriSep Corporation, Dow Corporation and  Hydranautics.

After the reverse osmosis process, the water enters through degasifiers to remove mainly hydrogen sulfide and then into the clearwell.  The water while in the clearwell is stabilized and then disinfected before entering the ground storage tanks.  From the ground storage tanks, the water is pumped to the customers of Fort Myers.

For more Information

If you have drinking water quality concerns or questions please contact Utilities at 239-321-8100.