Beautification Awards

About the Awards

All residential and commercial landscaping within the city are eligible for the Beautification Award. The award shall be given quarterly in relation to the calendar year. Nominations from the Beautification Advisory Board will go out sequentially to each of the wards so that all wards are treated equally within an 18-month time frame.

Nominations that fall short of meeting the criteria will be mailed a letter of acknowledgement for their efforts.

More than 1 landscape award may be given per quarter. Landscape award signs shall remain on site for a maximum of 90 days, or 3 months.


Nominations can also come from citizens residing in the City of Fort Myers, elected city officials, City Manager, and Assistant City Manager. Self-nomination is permissible. These nominations will be included in the quarterly review regardless of the ward location.

All nominations will be forwarded to the Beautification Advisory Board for review. Submit formal written nominations to:

City of Fort Myers
Parks Division
P.O. Drawer 2217
Fort Myers, FL 33902


Criteria should include, but not be limited to the following items:

  • Landscaping visible from the street if you were to walk or drive past the property
  • Limited use of invasive species of plants; proper selection, use and placement of tropical, non-native plants
  • Appropriate use of color, texture, and contrast
  • Aesthetic design appealing – does it fit in with the home and neighborhood and attract curb appeal
  • Include a dramatic change in the landscaping of the property with before and after pictures if possible (Example: New owner’s fixer uppers)
  • If this is an established landscape, proper long-term maintenance procedures should have been implemented (18 months or more)
  • Efficient and/or proper use of irrigation
  • Attractive up-lighting and hardscape improvements


Review of a property will relate solely to the landscape and the following questions:

  • Does this landscape add to the value of the neighborhood?
  • Has the landscape been upgraded by the addition of new mulch, irrigation, or plants?
  • Are any plants showing nutritional deficiencies?
  • How does the turf relate to surrounding properties?


  • Green and lush (i.e., no bare spots)
  • Significantly weed free
  • Pest free
  • Mowed at appropriate height
  • Edged along sidewalks and flower beds

Landscape Beds

  • No nutritional deficiencies
  • Weed free
  • Mulched
  • Proper trimming has been done
  • Pest free

Trees & Palms

  • No nutritional deficiencies
  • Properly pruned and maintained
  • Pest free