Housing & Real Estate Division

Mission Statement

To be the catalyst for increasing access to and availability of quality housing, to improve and maintain the city’s housing stock, to increase real estate values, to ensure safe communities by optimizing resources and the collaboration of public private partnership, and to ensure the greatest public benefit is achieved through the management of city-owned real estate and equitable distribution of support.


Providing Access to Attainable Housing

The City of Fort Myers considers the provision of housing as a basic human need, and therefore has assumed the responsibility to work toward increasing the availability of affordable workforce housing in the community. The Housing and Real Estate division administers the housing programs for the City of Fort Myers.  The City is committed to annually funding and managing these programs to provide access to attainable housing to the residents.
As a private citizen you have access to these programs to rehabilitate and/or to buy your own housing. As a realtor helping these citizens, you may consider recommending these assistance programs. For more information please contact us.

To be eligible for each program clients must attend Homebuyers Institute.

Mortgage Assistance Program

The Mortgage Assistance Program can help interested individuals with the purchase of a home within the City of Fort Myers to become 1st time homeowners. The Mortgage Assistance Program is designed to help eligible clients with down payment assistance to reduce the amount financed. To be eligible, clients must meet program guidelines established by the City of Fort Myers.

Rehabilitation Programs

The City of Fort Myers, Housing and Real Estate Division also administers housing rehabilitation loan programs to assist owner-occupants of single-family homes to make necessary repairs to their dwellings. The programs provide no interest loans to eligible homeowners in the City of Fort Myers.

Infill Housing Program

The Infill Housing Program is designed to revitalize residential communities through the construction of affordable homes for low and moderate-income residents of the City of Fort Myers. The Infill Housing Program offers city-owned properties suitable for the development of affordable housing to qualified developers who have been selected through the Request For Qualifications (RFQs) process. Selected developers are required to build affordable houses on the lots within 18 months and sell them to 1st time homebuyers with incomes up to 150% of the median income for Lee County.  City residents are also eligible to obtain a lot for construction of a home within a 24 month timeframe.

Affordable Housing Advisory
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