Real Estate Specialist

The Administration Division and Real Estate Specialist are also responsible for:

  • Acquiring all real property required for city purposes
  • Acquiring lots and urban infill programs
  • Selling surplus real property owned by the city
  • Leasing property required by various city departments
  • Acting as a real estate consultant to the city manager, mayor, City Council, and city departments
  • Developing a city-wide real estate information database for city-owned property.

Current City-Owned Properties

Under the direction of the city manager, the staff administers the leasing of all properties owned by the City of Fort Myers. Leasing encompasses land leases, building leases, land with improvements, submerged land, user agreements, and license agreements.  

Some city-owned properties include:

  • Burrough’s Home
  • City Hall
  • City Pier
  • Clemente Park
  • Federal Post Office
  • Harborside Event Center
  • Hart’s Dairy Site
  • Langford Kingston Home
  • Natural History Museum
  • Riverside Community Center
  • Shady Oaks
  • Skatium
  • Southwest Florida Enterprise Center
  • Stars