Projects Underway

Central Fort Myers

Midtown Vision Plan

The Midtown Vision Plan, which was adopted in November 2018, outlines an integrated redevelopment strategy for the Central Fort Myers redevelopment area combined with the southern portion of the Downtown redevelopment area.

The Midtown Vision Plan is a comprehensive outlook that proposes an urban design framework for economic development throughout the Midtown focus area. This framework would amplify the existing street net­work and other conditions by creating an integrated system of “multi-modal paths and places”, or connected destinations. The framework also addresses other physical conditions at multiple scales. In doing so, it seeks to:

  • Clarify the redevelopment poten­tial of the area,
  • Identify opportunities for “placemaking” and in­tra-neighborhood connections, and
  • Identify conditions for vibrant and diverse social spaces.

The Plan anticipates future market de­mands for expanded commercial development and housing op­tions, as well as the need for enhanced public realm conditions identified by the community.

The redevelopment strategy for the 243-acre Midtown area envi­sions repurposing the existing City of Palms Park baseball complex as a “mixed-use town center”. This 25 acres of publicly-owned land offers development opportunities for several catalyst projects and a major public open space – all of which are needed to revitalize the larger Midtown area. Initial and later phases of development would culminate in a range of residential and commercial build­ing types and densities that are not available in other parts of the city. A number of public realm amenities are also envisioned that would complement future development and appeal to residents.

Through the Midtown Vision Plan, Central Fort Myers is about to grow in a new direction. Discussion between the City of Fort Myers and Lee County about the future of the City of Palms Park baseball has already begun. Pockets of new streetscaping have already been completed in the Downtown-based section of Midtown, and the cohesive vision is spreading southward. Exciting days are in store for Central Fort Myers.