Electronic Permits and Plan Review

The City of Fort Myers Building, Permitting and Inspections division has made simplifying the permit process a priority for homeowners, contractors and design professionals.  Time is of the essence for everyone involved in construction, so reducing the time to obtain a building permit is essential. A key element to greater efficiency is replacing the old paper-based plan review process with an electronic-based simultaneous plan review system.

The City initiated  e-permitting in 2014 -2015 for over the counter permits and other select permits types with non-engineered plans. As of February 1, 2016  all permit types, including those requiring Engineered plans, can be submitted online through ePlan.
ProjectDox Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) is a web-based workflow solution that allows citizens, licensed contractors, and City staff to initiate and complete the building permit application, plans submission, review and approval process online.

Electronic User's Agreement
To participate in this process, all applicants must register by submitting a completed User's Agreement.  Licensed Contractor's and Design Professionals (if required by permit) must complete and submit the Licensed Contractor Agreement, and all Non-Licensed Applicant's must complete and submit the Agreement for Non-Licensed Contractors  by:
  • Email
  • Fax: 239-344-5928
  • By mail or in person to:
    1825 Hendry St.
    Suite 101
    Fort Myers, FL 33901

Design Professional Digital Signature Affidavit

Design professionals must also complete and submit the Design Professional  Digital Signature Affidavit prior to submitting any documents to the City in electronic format.  
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The Florida Administrative Code that regulates the use of a digital signature by an engineer has been updated; specifically 61G15-23.005(3). We will begin enforcing this rule, giving you the following options:  

 v  If you purchased a digital signature through a third party you will need to include the additional text required in 61G15-23.005(3)(d)1 and 2.   The text must be located next to your digital signature on the document and placed there prior to the digital signature being applied.

 v  If you created a digital signature using the Acrobat Adobe Professional program and registered the serial number with City of Fort Myers you have 2 options:

 1.      You can continue to use the digital signature you have registered with us but you will need to include the additional text required in 61G15-23.005(3)(d)1 and 2.  The text must be located next to your digital signature on the document and placed there prior to the digital signature being applied.
2.      You can create a new digital signature, which includes the text required in 61G15-23.005(3)(d)1 and 2 see the link to the directions below, and submit a new Design Professional Digital Signature Affidavit to City of Fort Myers, Building Division. 

This was a change implemented by the State that you are required to comply with, and we are required to enforce. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will make every effort to work with you to prevent any delays with your next couple of submittals, however, will reject any subsequent submittals that are deemed non-compliant.  If you have any questions please call Robert Ward, Building Division Services Supervisor at (239) 321-7935 or rward@cityftmyers.com.  You may also email e-permits@cityftmyers.com for assistance.  
Click Here for a Matrix of agreement forms describing when they are needed.

Submitting Permit Applications Electronically

Upon completion of the electronic registration process, the contractor may begin submitting permit applications electronically. 

Permit Applications and Resubmit/Revision Applications shall be submitted to the City of Fort Myers Permitting Office by email or by fax to 239-344-5928 prior to accessing ePlan to upload plans for review. Upon receipt, a complete review of the permit application will be conducted by City staff.

Application Process

If corrections are required, notification will be sent to the applicant, using the email address provided on the User's Agreement, outlining the required corrections. The applicant must make the necessary corrections and re-send by email or by fax at 239-344-5928.

If no corrections are required, the applicant will be notified of a Permit number, the fees due, and a link for online payment of the submittal fees to cover plan review services.
Upon verification of payment, a case will be created in ePlan and the applicant will be notified, using the email address provided on the User's Agreement, to upload the plans into the appropriate project folder(s).

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