Capital Improvement Projects

Stormwater Projects

Billie and High Streets Drainage Improvements (Citywide Drainage):  Drainage improvements for Billie and High Street. | Ward 1

Woodside Ave Filter Marsh Parking:  On street parking for Billy Creek Filter Marsh. | Ward 1

Edgewood Drainage Design HMGP:  Design drainage for the Edgewood area. | Ward 2

Ben Street Extension:  Extension of Ben Street south to Cul-de-sac north of Edison Avenue including sidewalk connection to Thomas Street. | Ward 2

Eastwood Player Development:  Prepare Clean-up plan and close lime residual sites. | Ward 2

Eastwood Village Property Cleanup:  Prepare clean-up plan for lime residuals on the property. | Ward 2

South Street Property Evaluation and Cleanup:  Evaluation and remediation of old lime sludge disposal site. Will include evaluation of surrounding neighborhood. | Ward 2

Carrell Canal Drainage Study:  Study to determine feasibility and cost of piping Carrell Canal from US 41 to Ten Mile Canal. | Ward 3 & 4

Valencia Rear Yard Drainage:  Review rear yard drainage to determine design to relieve flooding caused by the abandonment of rear yard sewers. | Ward 4

News Press (Fire Station) property remediation: Prepare reports for FDEP and remediate the TRHP on the site. | Wards 4

Citywide Seawall Repair:  Repairs banks of Caloosahatchee River at all city-owned properties. | Ward 4 & 5

L-3 Relocation:  Relocate L-3 Canal adjacent to Fleishman Park | Ward 5  

Buckingham Property Rehabilitation:  Prepare site for use as Emergency Debris Site. Clean up closed landfill | Ward 6

Stormwater Master Plan Update:  Update of existing stormwater master plan including a sea level rise component | Citywide

MS4 Permit:  City MS4 Permit with FDEP. | Citywide

Basin Management Action Plan:  Reduce nitrogen discharges to the Caloosahatchee River. | Citywide

Canal Armoring HMGP:  Armoring of canals across City. |  Citywide

Utility Improvement Projects

Prospect Avenue Neighborhood (Phase I):  Installation of a gravity sewer main for unserved homes. | Ward 1

Prospect Avenue Neighborhood (Phase II):  Replacement of the aging gravity sewer main and existing waterline, improvements to the storm drainage and sidewalk installation in the Prospect Avenue neighborhood. | Ward 1

Madison Avenue & Van Buren Neighborhood:  Replace gravity sewer, water services, drainage, roadway and sidewalk improvements. | Ward 1

Billie, High and Kunze Street Drainage & Utility Improvements: Replace gravity sewer, water services, drainage, roadway and sidewalk improvements. | Ward 1

Cleveland Grove Neighborhood (Patrick/Turner/Kentucky):  Replace gravity sewer, water services, drainage, roadway and sidewalk improvements. | Ward 1

Marsh Neighborhood Utility Project:  Replace gravity sewer, water lines, drainage, roadway and sidewalk improvement in the area bounded by Marsh Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, and Woodside Avenue. | Ward 1

New York Avenue Utilities:  New sewer services and drainage improvements to be done on New York Avenue from Nuna Avenue to the west end. | Ward 1

Billy Bowlegs Fiber Optic Utility Installation:  Installation by directional boring of fiber optic conduits for internet connections for Billy Bowlegs Park. | Ward 1

Second Street Drainage Design:  Roadway and minor sewer restoration of aging old clay pipe at Second and Evans Avenue intersection north to Avalon Place. | Ward 2.

Bellevue Park Utility at Palm City Gardens:  Construction of new utilities in conjunction with the Housing Authority providing site improvements. | Ward 2

Evans (Ella Piper to Providence) Avalon Utility Improvements:  Replacement of the existing sanitary sewer, waterline, roadway and drainage improvements on Evans Avenue and Avalon. |  Ward 2

Hanson Street Utility Extension:  Installation of a proposed transmission waterline, reclaimed waterline and force main along the Hanson Street Extension from Veronica Shoemaker to Ortiz Avenue. | Ward 2 & 3

Phase III-C Area 8 Utility Improvements: Replacement of the sanitary sewer in the area. Further, the waterline will be replaced along with minor storm drainage improvements. | Ward 3 & 4

Jeffcott Neighborhood Phase III-C Area 4:  Replacement of the sanitary sewer in the area, and along the waterline minor storm drainage. | Wards 3 & 4

Crag Street Waterline:  Waterline installation for fire protection and commercial service. | Ward 3

Royal Palm Waterline Improvement:  New 8” waterline installation along Royal Palm Avenue between Katherine Street and Stella Street. | Ward 3

US41 Utility Replacement:  Evaluate and replace existing utilities (WM, FM and gravity sewer) in the US41 ROW from Winkler Avenue to Victoria Avenue. | Wards 3, 4 & 5

Downtown Phase III – Area A Utility Improvements (MidTown): Replacement of the existing utilities, drainage and roadway and including Streetscape elements in the reconstruction. Project includes Union Street from Broadway to Central and Jackson Street from SR82 to Victoria. | Ward 4

Phase IV Area B-1 Linhart Avenue/Magnolia St/Holly Road:  New water, sewer and drainage improvements and sidewalks. | Ward 4

Central Avenue Utility Adjustment: Abandoning an existing 8” watermain that is deteriorating under an electrical building and pump house that was constructed over the line. | Ward 4

Poinciana Sewer Improvement at Lift Station #2:  Replacement of existing 8” gravity sewer along Poinciana Avenue, between McGregor Blvd and Cortez Blvd due to infiltration into the system. | Ward 4

Grand Avenue Waterline Connection Improvement:  Replacement of existing Water Main due to complaints of low pressure. | Ward 4

SR82 Utility Relocation:  Complete utility adjustments on SR82 from Lee Blvd to the City limits as part of the FDOT widening of SR82. | Ward 6

Inflow & Infiltration (I & I) Analysis: Complete flow monitoring at City lift stations to determine areas where large amounts of I & I exist. | Citywide

Lift Station No. 84, 87, & 89 Improvements: Complete improvements to the existing lift stations. | Citywide

Lift Station Flow Chart: Creation of flow path and routing of existing lift stations. | Citywide

Transportation Improvement Projects

Nuna Avenue Sidewalk:  Design of sidewalk on the west side of Nuna Ave from Nottingham to Glenwood Avenue. | Ward 1

Cranford Avenue Sidewalk: Replacement of sidewalk in front of McCullom Hall. | Ward 2

Edison Avenue Extension east to Ortiz: Extension of Edison Avenue to Ortiz Avenue by Development Agreement with Eastwood Village PUD. | Ward 2

Dora Street Improvements: Converting street to one-way operation with cul-de-sac. | Ward 2

Hanson Street Extension:  Design and construction of new 4 lane divided roadway with bike lanes and sidewalks from Veronica S. Shoemaker Blvd to Ortiz Ave.  Roundabouts are included at both ends of the project. | Wards 2 & 3

First Street & Second Street Reconfiguration:  Converting First Street and Second Street from one-way pair to two-way local streets (from Fowler St Intersection to Palm Beach Blvd/Seaboard St intersection). | Ward 2 & 3

Old Metro Pkwy (SR739) from Warehouse to Hanson:  Rehabilitation of Old Metro Parkway per FDOT agreement with anticipation of transfer of maintenance responsibility to City. | Ward 3

Moreno Avenue Sidewalk Project: Design and construction of a new sidewalk on Moreno Avenue from Broadway to Central in response to a CRS. | Ward 3

Hanson Street US41 to Montclaire: Sidewalk Construction from LAP grant from the Florida Dept of Transportation. | Ward 3

Central Terrace Right of Way Restoration: Rehabilitation of vehicular travel lanes on this unplatted road for postage service and emergency vehicles. | Ward 3

South Street Sidewalk from US41 to Fowler Street: Sidewalk Construction from LAP grant from the Florida Department of Transportation. | Ward 3 & 4

US41 Medians & Roadway Improvements (FY 2017/18): Install median improvements and roadway resurfacing as part of safety upgrades; to be coordinated with CFM utility improvements. Once construction is complete, FDOT will be conducting a road diet. | Ward 3, 4 & 5

Allen Park Elementary School Sidewalks:  Sidewalk construction next to Allen Park Elementary-LAP grant from FDOT. | Ward 4

Edison Avenue Realignment from US41 to McGregor Blvd:  Design – Restart project from 2009, when project plans were 90% complete. | Ward 4

Virginia Avenue Roundabout Design:  Update DPA’s 2009 Roundabout design based on current standards/Michael Wallwork review. | Ward 4

MLK Boulevard/SR-82 Realignment from MLK Blvd to US41 via Broadway and Victoria Avenue: Realign MLK Blvd to by-pass Justice Center, potentially via Broadway to Victoria Avenue to US41. | Ward 4

Edwards Drive Streetscape – Monroe to Downtown Basin:  Reconstruct Edwards Drive from Monroe Street to the Downtown Basin to provide for Streetscape. | Ward 4

South Plaza Box Culvert Rep:  Design and permit new box culvert for South Plaza Crossing. | Ward 5

Winkler and Challenger Sidewalks-Ray V. Pottorf:  Sidewalk construction at various locations next to Ray V. Pottorf Elementary - LAP grant from the FDOT. | Ward 6

Bike – Ped Trail Six Mile Cypress:  Bike-Ped Trail between Winkler Ave Extension and Challenger Blvd-LAP grant from the FDOT for construction % CEI. | Ward 6

Winkler Avenue and Challenger Blvd. Interim Intersection Improvements:  Interim improvements to address citizen safety concerns. | Ward 6

Somerset Plantations Signage & Roadway Marking Evaluation: Evaluate community’s signings and pavement markings per MUTCD criteria for FMPD patrol. | Ward 6

FDOT Markups: Provide plan markups of CFM utilities to FDOT/Lee County as requested. | Citywide

Fort Myers 2020 Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan:  Update City’s 2007 Masterplan (Glatting/Jackson/Kercher Anglin). | Citywide

Ongoing Traffic Studies: Address CRS requests and/or Citizen Calls regarding speeding issues. | Citywide

Winkler Avenue Traffic Evaluation: Traffic study to evaluate developer build-out impacts from Colonial Blvd to Metro Pkwy. | Citywide

City of Fort Myers Complete Streets Guidelines and Policies: Complete Streets principles to be incorporated in CFM capital improvement projects. | Citywide

AWWTP & Transmission Projects

Reclaimed Water Production 100% CAWWTF:  Expanding the Central Plant Reclaimed Water Facilities to 100% of production (from 6 MGD to 11 MGD) to comply with regulatory agencies. | Ward 1

Injection Well – DEP Requirement central AWWTF: Construction of an effuent injection well at the Central Plant as required by the FDEP. | Ward 1

Generator/Breaker Upgrade Central AWWTF: Replacement/rehab of generators and related switchgear at the Central AWWTF. | Ward 1

Power Distribution Rehab Central AWWTF: Rehabilitation and replacement of power distribution systems at the Central AWWTF. | Ward 1

Breaker Replacement Central AWWTF: Replacement of main circuit breakers at the Central AWWTF. | Ward 1

Lightning Arrest System Central AWWTF: Rehab/Install lightning arrest equipment to all buildings at the Central AWWTF. | Ward 1

Belt Press Refurbish/Replacement Central AWWTF’s:  Replace the belt filter press system at the Central AWWTF’s. | Ward 1  

Residuals Treatment Process Upgrade Central AWWTF: Upgrade residuals treatment system at the Central AWWTF to meet regulatory stabilization and disposal requirements. | Ward 1

Plant Wide Structural Rehab Central AWWTF: Repair or replace deteriorated concrete at various locations at the Central AWWTF. | Ward 1

Aerator Improvement Project Central AWWTF: Replace existing surface aerators with larger units, install variable speed drives and controls, and complete structural improvements as needed. | Ward 1

AWWTFs Screening & Grit Removal Improvements:  Replacement of the traveling screens, vortex grit removal systems, and dewatering systems at CAWWTF and SAWWTF. | Ward 1 & 5

Palm Avenue Waterline Improvements:  Install a transmission waterline on Palm Ave from SR82 to Michigan Ave. | Budget:  Included with interconnect. | Ward 2

Wellfield Capacity Enhancements: Redevelop/rehabilitate water supply wells to increase yields. | Ward 2

Water Treatment Plant/Wellfield Expansion: Add 2 cartridge filters and final membrane train for 20 MGD build-out of WTP. Expand wellfield to meet future demands. | Ward 2

P-22 Production Well:  Installation of a new production well at site P-22. | Ward 3

West and South Test Wells:  Exploration wells in the West and South directions. | Wards 4 & 6

Energy Recovery System & Interstage Boosting: WTP improvements to include evaluation of an energy recovery system and automatic control system with performance and monitoring assistance. | Ward 2

Corrosion Inhibitor Bulk Storage:  Rehab/replacement of storage tanks for chemicals at the Water Treatment Plant. | Ward 2

Bulk & Day Storage Tank Replacement:  Rehab/replacement of storage tanks for chemicals at the Water Treatment Plant. | Ward 2

Central AWWTP Trunk Sanitary Sewer:  Replace and upsize (due to aging) the existing trunk sanitary sewer lines from the Central Plant to the South point on Palm Avenue. | Ward 2 & 3

Lift Station 10 & Forcemain Improvements (Phase 3):  Replace the existing forcemain on Coronado along with upgrading LS10 to allow sewer to travel to the Central Plant. | Ward 4

Reuse Facility at the South AWWTF:  Construction of reclaimed water facility at the South Plant to produce reclaimed water.  Initial phase is 6 MGD; 2 future phases of 3 MGD each for ultimate capacity of 12 MGD. | Ward 5

Generator/Breaker Upgrade South AWWTF: Replacement/rehab of generators and related switchgear at the South AWWTF. | Ward 5

Power Distribution Rehab South AWWTF: Rehabilitation and replacement of power distribution systems at the South AWWTF. | Ward 5

Breaker Replacement South AWWTF: Replacement of main circuit breakers at the South AWWTF. | Ward 5

Lightning Arrest System South AWWTF: Rehab/Install lightning arrest equipment to all buildings at the South AWWTF. | Ward 5

Belt Press Refurbish/Replacement South AWWTF’s:  Replace the belt filter press system at the South AWWTF’s. | Ward 5

Residuals Treatment Process upgrade South AWWTF: Upgrade residuals treatment system at the South AWWTF to meet regulatory stabilization and disposal requirements. | Ward 5

Plant Wide Structural Rehab South AWWTF: Repair or replace deteriorated concrete at various locations at the South AWWTF. | Ward 5

Influent Line Rehabilitation South AWWTF:  Assessment and repair of 550 LF of 54-inch influent reinforced concrete pipe into the Central & South AWWTF influent wet well. | Ward 5

Aerator Improvement Project South AWWTF: Replace existing surface aerators with larger units, install variable speed drives and controls, and complete structural improvements as needed. | Ward 5

Nitrification Gearbox Rebuild/Replacement South AWWTF:  Rebuild or replace existing aerator gearboxes required for plant process control. | Ward 5

Central to South Reclaimed Transmission Main: The project consists of the installation of a transmission reclaimed water main from Trailhead Park on VSS to the South AWWTP plant. | Ward 5

Iona Canal Force Main Improvements: Project consists of the design of a force main system to replace the gravity system along South Drive and Iona Canal to the South AWWTF. | Ward 5

East Water Storage Tank and Booster Pump Station:  Project consists of the study and design of a new water storage tank to boost pressure in the south Treeline area. | Ward 6.

East Fort Myers Water Reclamation Facility: Planning, design, and construction of a new wastewater treatment facility and injection wells for disposal of effluent as proposed by our wastewater master plan. | Ward 6

Energy Performance Contracting Evaluation – Siemens Industry:  Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at both AWWTFs, and of water metering infrastructure and system. | Citywide

Wastewater Influent Flow Contributions Evaluation: Identify and quantify LCU contributions to the City’s wastewater systems. | Citywide

Reclaimed Water Commitment and Demand Update: Update list of potential reclaimed water customers including LCU and determine cost difference between reclaimed water and deep well injection of effluent. | Citywide

WTP Carbon Dioxide Replacement:  Replace CO2 system with larger unit. | Ward 2

WTP Chemical Tank Replacements and Containment Coatings:  Replace various tanks and coatings. | Ward 2

WTP Neutralization System Improvements:  Make various improvements to neutralization holding area. | Ward 2

WTP Wellfield Management | Ward 2

WTP SFWMD Water Use Permit (WUP) Renewal:  Renew WUP for next 20 years. | Ward 2

WTP UIC Permit Renewal:  Renew UIC Permit and MIT test.

WTP Deep Injection Well | Ward 2

WTP Facilities AC Replacement/Upgrade | Ward 2

WTP IMAG Elevated Water Storage Tank | Ward 2

WTP East Service Area Water Modeling | Ward 2

WTP Raw Water Transmission Main Improvements | Ward 2

WTP GST Repair | Ward 2

Lighting Projects

Billy’s Creek Preserve additional LED solar lighting installation: Provide uniform lighting along walkaways at Preserve. | Ward 1

FPL Solar Trees and Solar Canopy: This project will install 5 Solar Trees and 2 Solar Canopies donated by FPL. | Ward 2

Emergency Traffic Signal:  This project will install new Emergency Signal for FS at Benchark Ave & MLK. | Ward 2

Ironbridge Boulevard Lighting:  Provide new 22 streetlights installed on new FPL poles. | Ward 3

Palm Avenue Lighting – Hanson Street to the south: Project will provide new 15 street lights installed on existing FPL poles. | Ward 3

Jackson Street Lighting Project: This project will provide street lighting per streetscape standards. | Ward 4

City Hall Generator and Transfer Switch:  This project will replace existing Generator which is at end of usage. | Ward 4

Bay St & Bayview Court FPL Customer Rearrangement of Electric Services:  This project will provide underground service to 55 existing customers. | Ward 4

Barkley Circle Lighting: Provide 19 streetlights under Lighting Agreement with FPL. | Ward 5

Mason Corbin Court Lighting: Install 4 new streetlights with Lighting Agreement with FPL. | Ward 5

Dynasty Drive Lighting:  Project will install new LED streetlights on 40’ aluminum poles. | Ward 6

Citywide Street Lighting Improvement | Citywide

Citywide metal light poles replacement: This project will provide replacement of unsafe metal light poles in City ROW. | Citywide

Citywide surveillance camera installation: This project will install 11 surveillance cameras at different locations. | Citywide

Facilities Projects

Billy Bowlegs Park Reconstruction:  Reconstruction of park including new fields, irrigation, lighting, bleachers, parking, multipurpose building, covered basketball courts. | Ward 1

Black History Museum:  Design north and south staircases and porches. | Ward 1

Public Works Sanitation Building Replacement:  Design and construct new 4,500 sq. ft. office for Sanitation Dept. in PW yard. | Ward 2

PW Operations Truck Wash: Upgrading the existing truck wash. | Ward 2

Public Works Fencing Repair/Replace: Repair fence and add visual screening to the Public Works yard. | Ward 2

ADA City Nursery: Installation of new office trailer and ADA improvements. | Ward 2

Fire Training Center and Dock:  Perform structural assessment of existing training center and dock. | Ward 2

ADA Public Works Building:  Renovate as noted in 2012 Transition Plan. | Ward 2

Solid Waste Maintenance Building:  Design Building for vehicle inspections and routine maintenance. | Ward 2

Public Works Utilities Maintenance Building:  Design 12,500 sq. ft. building for maintenance for maintenance and office areas. | Ward 2

Generator Replacement at FS # 3 and # 4:  Replace generators at Fire Station # 3 and # 4. | Ward 2 & 4

ADA Fire Station #2, #3, and #5:  Renovate Fire Stations as noted in 2012 Transition plan. | Ward 2, 4 & 6

STARS Expansion – New Building:  Design and permitting of new multi-purpose building at STARS complex. | Ward 3

Prince Field Lighting:  Design lighting and field amenities | Ward 3

STARS Gym’s Roof & Auto Xfr switch:  Install automatic transfer switch and complete roof work at gym. | Ward 3

STARS Lobby Reconfiguration: Redesign of Lobby, game room area, and gym entrance door. | Ward 3

Rachel at the Well Statue (Edison Park): Renovation of statue at entry to Edison Park to refurbish and make structural repairs. | Ward 4

Additional Art Repairs:  Repairs to Great Turtle Chase, Panther, Propeller, Uncommon Friends and Wes Nott Statue. | Ward 4

Main St. Parking Garage Assessment: Assess parking garage, structure, electrical, mechanical and drainage. | Ward 4

Police Department HVAC Upgrades: Issues with mold. HVAC systems needs upgraded. | Ward 4

Fort Myers Yacht Basin:  Demolish deck slabs and build new ones. Design, permitting and construction. | Ward 4

Skatium Cooler Replacement:  Design new foundations, tower stand and refrigerant piping height and slope modifications for new cooler. | Ward 4

Garage Access System Replacement:  Main Street and City of Palms Garage Access Systems scheduled for replacement. | Ward 4

City Hall Security Assessment:  Assess building’s access control, security protocols, reception desk, public restroom access, active shooter plan. | Ward 4 

SBDAC Rooftop Renovation:  Rooftop renovation at DBDAC | Ward 4

Edison Restaurant, Building 2nd Floor Plank Shoring:  Shore 2nd floor hollow core planks to keep area operational until full renovation begins. | Ward 4

Fort Myers Country Club Building Assessment:  Assess building structure, electrical, mechanical and drainage systems. | Ward 4

ADA South Wastewater Plant: Renovate bathrooms and issues as noted in 2012 Transition plan. | Ward 5

South Wastewater Plant Operations Bathroom Improvements:  Renovate Operation building bathrooms. | Ward 5

South Wastewater Plant Waterline Improvements: Design and construct new water line to address low water pressures in several outbuildings. | Ward 5

Forum Park:  Design park concept plans for Ward 6. | Ward 6

Fire Station #7:  Design and permitting of new fire station #7 to be located along Six Mile Cypress Parkway. | Ward 6

Fort Myers Golf Course Bridge Railings:  Railings on three golf cart bridges are in bad condition. | Ward 6

HR Security Lobby Renovation:  Upgrade security at the Human Resources Lobby area. | Ward 6