Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

Art Stumble

Art Stumble, a mural-painting project on the wall behind McCollum Hall and a corresponding event by the Fort Myers Mural Society, promotes pride in the Fort Myers Dunbar community, as well as support economic growth with aesthetic enhancement. The theme of the mural collection is a “wall” that symbolizes the positive influences of diversity, not division. The 17 murals feature internationally-renown musicians who played at McCollum Hall, such as Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, B. B. King, Duke Ellington, and Ella Fitzgerald. The project bridge an artistic connection between the Downtown River District—where The Mural Society has painted other murals—and the Dunbar section of the city. Mural finalists for Art Stumble back wall project were selected in September 2020. Mural painting began in January 2021 with a completion date of March 2021. Depending on any limitations imposed by coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the CRA, along with various community partners and the developers, plan for Art Stumble event McCollum Hall in 2021. Funding for this Art Stumble is through grants previously received by The Mural Society.  

Barden Street Community Garden Learning Center 

In 2019, the CRA approved funding of $13,000 for the $246,000 Barden Street Community Garden Learning Center (BCG), to be located between Barden and Flint streets just south of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Funding was requested by the I Will Mentorship Foundation, which will manage 6the Garden and Learning Center. The requested $13,000 funding will be used to construct the garden’s signs, art wall and valor reflection area. Overall, the project will take 3 years to fully complete. It will have the capacity to provide over a thousand pounds of organic vegetables and 200 pounds of fish.

More than just a garden, this urban initiative will infuse 21st Century agricultural skills and the beautification of a blighted neighborhood with art and culture. This multi-faceted effort combines community development, nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, local economic development, and community enjoyment. Once established, the BCG will be open to community groups for hands-on nutrition education, where residents from the surrounding area will be encouraged to eat healthy foods grown in the garden. In addition, the reverse side of the garden signage wall will feature a living valor reflection area, recognizing veterans and first responders. As of January 2020, water and electric services have been installed. The irrigation system is in the process of being installed.

Dream Center

Next Level Church converted the 46,000 sq. ft. Dunbar Shopping Center building into the Dream Center, which will offer a faith-based community outreach program providing job skills training, hunger relief, basic education & Bible studies. A Lee Health Clinic will occupy one of the storefronts. The City of Fort Myers opened a Dream Center Police Substation on the east end of the complex in November 2017 to strengthen its interaction with the local community.

Velasco Village Neighborhood Improvements

Velasco Village neighborhood improvements include one monument sign and four neighborhood signs. The work is in progress. The monument sign has been designed, with a new location is targeted for the corner of Velasco Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Four neighbor signs mock-ups designs were submitted to the vendor. Installation began in June 2021 and was completed the following month.