Downtown Redevelopment Area (River District)

Gardner’s Park Neighborhood Improvements

Several neighborhood improvements in Gardner’s Park are underway. Six neighborhood signs have been completed, and three pet stations are in the process of being installed. These stations will help pet owners keep the neighborhood clean and attractive.

River District Events

Encouraging and supporting the arts and cultural activities not only enhances the livability of a community, but it can also accelerate its revitalization. To this end, the CRA over 60 events throughout the year through the merchants group, River District Alliance, as well as supporting Art Fest, Holiday House, the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, and the Florida Repertory Company. The economic spin-off from activities like these has attracted dozens of new businesses to the River District since the Streetscape project was completed.


River District Map

The River District Map features restaurants, shopping, art galleries and cultural venues. River District businesses are listed free of charge, and the map is distributed at no cost to all who wants one.