Ward 3 Economic Development

Congratulations on a $30 million Investment into Ward 3

HUD Choice Neighborhood Grant Banner

Congratulations on the HUD CHoice Neighborhood Implementation Grant award of $30 million

Ward 3 has big plans for redevelopment and creating neighborhoods that value healthy living and sustainable housing.  This beautiful neighborhood showcases the City of Fort Myer's commitment to our residents and the community.

Opportunities for Industrial

In the center of Ward 3 is Hanson St which is zoned for light industrial.  The additional housing units either under construction, planned, or permitted will provide additional workforce in the area.  We are seeing more projects for additional industrial and retail space to provided employment opportunities.  The median age is 31. 8 and the population is growing.  Ward 3 is in the heart of Fort Myers providing access to many amenities within our growing city.  Ward 3 has Opportunity Zones for future development and impact investing in the area would improve the current median household income of $27,628.00.  As a younger population there is great potential with access to workforce training.