Quality of Nature


Quality of Nature is good for business.

Let's face it, owning a business is stressful. Improve your health and well-being by finding ways to access nature. Maybe you are unsure of how access to nature helps to reduce stress?  Spend a day at the Imag History and Nature Center and find your inner child to remind you of the importance of a healthy eco-system. Or for a hands-on environmental gallery head to the 11,000-sq. ft. Interpretive Center's first certified green building. At the The Preserve you will see demonstrations on the history of Fort Myers and the importance of conservation. You can enjoy a hike, re-center, and get back to work invigorated and ready to focus on what matters.  


Come for the weekend 

and stay for the Business Climate

Fort Myers is recognized as a great place to get away for the weekend and many times after your visit, you want to stay in the area.  Welcome to Fort Myers!  Everyone is welcome!

Boardwalks have been created to give you access to Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, pathways for biking or walking your dog in many of our parks. We are the City of Palms and we understand the value of trees to buffer noise, reduce heat, and offer shade in our sunny climate.  

https://www.cfmforumpark.com/ will provide another park amenity in the City of Fort Myers.  Public access to pickleball, a dog park, and bicycle and pedestrian friendly paths.

Maintaining access to the river and providing safe and fun places for the community and visitors is how we celebrate our assets. We plan to showcase our neighborhoods and find more ways to enjoy them. You may want a waterfront home, access to the luxury boating lifestyle, or just drop in a kayak in Billy's Creek.  Fort Myers has long been considered a desirable place to live.  We will work with you to make it your place to work.  Fort Myers intentionally plans and adds value to any business in our community. Fort Myers is inspiring and affordable. It is why we have so many small businesses locally owned in the area. We understand the world of work is changing and how we develop in the future needs to change as well.  We look to our community to help us plan how best to serve our area businesses. 

Communities like ours care about open spaces along the riverfront and access to the water.  We want to see more opportunities for the people here and those that are attracted to our area.  

Our region has the perfect balance of modern amenities and outdoor activities aimed at families and the single professional.  Easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, views of the Calooshatchee River, and manatees that will make you smile as you kayak in the rivers and streams.  

Open spaces are free to everyone and are places of equality.  Everyone gets to use it and people from all walks of life can be together safely.  Our shared economy thrives because we are thoughtful and care about our environment.  

Water Quality Investment is evident in the City of Fort Myer's continued work to find ways to clean up, reuse, and plan for storm water runoff and other issues faces our waterways.  It's why we want more information about your site improvements.

Storm water Adjustment Application allows you to put into place best practices to create low impact development and keep our natural resources safe for generations to enjoy. If you want to take advantage of the Cleveland Avenue Off Site Stormwater Credits Program you can learn more HERE.