World of Work

Collaboration is an intrinsic part of the fabric of the business community.  The world of work has changed and has led to more and more people moving to the Fort Myers area and in some cases, keeping their job from another location.  Remote workers may eventually bring their employers to Fort Myers as well.  Growth attracts more growth, and we have the space to accommodate it and forward thinking enough to invite an innovation mindset to the area. 

For many, it is a chance to avoid the high costs and challenging regulatory environments in other places. Commercial and residential real estate combined with our continued population growth is attractive to the corporate world. The tax burden is less and makes Florida business and workforce friendly and an ideal location to work.  

Creating new markets and new opportunities in Fort Myers and leveraging technology is enhanced with the best tax climate in the Southeast. Reliability with predictive, smart grid to help prevent outages makes staying in business even better.

We are seeing development that includes mixed-use spaces, such as West End at City Walk. 5,000 square feet of office/commercial space with access to the amenities of the building. There is also room for future development on McGregor Boulevard.  A highly sought-after location with easy access to Downtown Fort Myers.  You can watch the development video here.  Apartments at this location are affordable and available beginning the Summer of 2021.

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison Winter Estates are just a couple blocks away and we are sure some of their greatest ideas came on the front porch enjoying the Florida sunshine. Collaboration and working from home has a rich history in Fort Myers.

West End at City Walk