Location Matters

Location matters for many reasons for a business. Here are just a few to consider:

  1. Transport from your location to ship to another location.  Do you need access to roads, airport, foot traffic, internet connectivity, water, other supply chains to move product?
  2. Is the location properly zoned for your use?
  3. Do you have access to the workforce you need?
  4. Is the weather conducive? 
  5. Will you and your employees have a decent quality of life?

Need some reasons to consider Fort Myers?  Go to the section on Why Fort Myers.

Opportunity Zone Demographics for Fort Myers

Retail Marketplace for Dunbar Community

Are you looking to invest? You can catalyze economic, health, safety, and educational mobility by investing in businesses, housing, and other community infrastructure and create wealth opportunities.  

Let's work together to develop leadership and the capacity to foster shared prosperity and well-being. Impact investing increases and improves areas that need an alternative financing solutions until their business is more established. 

Make a good investment even better by investing in Opportunity Zones.

Pretty House in Fort Myers


Lee County has put together information about the Opportunity Zone within Fort Myers city limits.  There are additional advantages to invest in an Opportunity Zone.  If you recently sold a business and have a capital gain issue, let's talk about the advantages of impact investing in Fort Myers.