Congratulations on having an innovative spirit!  Creating a new venture needs careful consideration. Your job is to know the business, have the ability to run it well, and be willing to work hard to make it a success.  You need to prepare yourself for making decisions. Solid advice will set your business up to be financially sound. When it is time to get an injection of equity (usually from you first) you can be confident you've considered how best to move forward.

If you are entering a new industry, bring on partners to give you the management experience in the industry to guide your decision making.  

Make sure you've built a solid repayment history so you can leverage your good credit history with business suppliers.  Your integrity and personal reputation you've created before opening your business will help you find investors. 

Take advantage of shared office spaces and accelerator programs to obtain additional training and lean on experts to properly set up the business.

We love your ambition! You can read on when you are ready to launch your great idea!

Ingenuity and vision and the ability to change on the fly will serve you well. Company success is measured by how you work every day to make it better.  Take some time to choose what matters most and give it all the time it demands.  

As you start your journey into entrepreneurship, remember that your success is built on doing the right thing and not about doing everything right.  Focus on finding your purpose-driven priority.

We love your ambition! You can read on for things to consider when you are ready to launch your great idea!  

During National Entrepreneurship Week webinars were created by the Small Business Administration and you can watch them using Microsoft team.  Click on the links below to view:

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