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Keeping up with our fast paced growth in fort myers

Industry clusters strengthen the City of Fort Myers economic competitiveness.  To grow existing businesses and attract new companies you need to understand the factors that contribute to an urban economy.  

Employment, wages, and job creation are some of the factors used to identify industry clusters. There is also industry clusters that are preferred and determined by the region, such as clean tech, advanced manufacturing as examples.  Understanding the engines of regional economies and local economies provides site selectors with valuable information to create a competitive advantage.  Finding ways to be closer to your suppliers or the people you serve has cost savings for the organization.  

Our goal is to create better government policies and competitive advantages for firms, recognizing the effective role that clusters can play in fostering private, public, and academic collaboration.    Your business success will improve the economic growth within the network of organizations within your cluster.  Investments that can sustain a cluster in the longer term enriches the entire clusters performance. 

Looking for your next opportunity to invest.  Additional information on Industry Cluster can have a lag, especially in areas like Fort Myers that are rapidly growing, but provides a solid base of information.  Enterprise Florida can provide additional information on business climate, workforce, and Why Florida is right for your business.

Business Incentive

Business incentives

Many organizations are making decisions about their next location by comparing the City of Fort Myers to other cities.  Part of the business decision is to find ways to lower the cost to expand into another area.  

Business is the backbone of the community.  Job creation with living wage, and creating a sustainable community are all factors in attracting business to our area.  The goal is to create a community that supports the residents and works hand in hand with supporting area businesses.

We create zoning to create parameters on what type of land use is acceptable.  We also have a process to change zoning to allow for exceptions.  

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