Ward 3 Recent Developments

Veronica Shoemaker Roundabout

We are already seeing the results of improved traffic flow with the installation of the Veronica S. Shoemaker Roundabout.  New construction at the corner of Hanson St of a 42,000 sq. ft.  has access off of Ironbridge. The Hanson St. extension to Ortiz makes access to Interstate 75 for tractor-trailer travel.  Investment into roads will provide the much needed final mile delivery.  

Smart growth enhances the quality of life.  We create livable communities.  The Interactive Development Activity Map has some of our recent development activity.

There has been a range of housing opportunities in the area.  Currently under construction are:

As of February 18thAdditional Units Under ConstructionAdditional Units PlannedAdditional Units Permitted
Single Family400

An additional 216.315 square feet of retail and 186,500 square feet of industrial space is coming to the area.