Neighborhood Population Growth

Housing Growth


Understanding the demographics of a neighborhood provides valuable insight on the needs of the community. Livability of the neighborhood has a major effect on the quality of life. Connecting people to economic opportunities, social activities that fit the demographics, and offering convenient, healthy, and accessible service.  

Business development that improves long commutes, provides employment opportunities that improve the quality of life can improve the demographics. Expanding the supply of jobs and business opportunities that create upward mobility and building local human capital. 

Ward 4 has a median age of 47.7.  The population growth has been stable with 10,610 total population in 2000 and in 2020 10,566 total population.  There are additional apartments either under construction, planned or permitted, which will improve access to housing. There is great potential to improve the educational attainment and workforce. The median household income is $38,071.00 and with access to workforce training there is great potential.  

Rental and Utility Assistance begins March 1, 2021 and could have a big impact for the people living in Ward 4.  Are there other ways we can help?  Please feel free to reach out directly at  the email listed to the right of the page.

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