Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Fort Myers

 Our motto, “New Direction ~ New Energy ~ New Life,” aptly describes the desired outcome of the CRA’s redevelopment efforts for each of our 14 redevelopment areas. We strive to help underserved and blighted areas within the City of Fort Myers to head in a “New Direction” guided by a redevelopment plan designed specifically to revitalize that particular area. The plan contains the vision for the future of the neighborhoods and commercial corridors within that specific area.  “New Energy” is what we hope to create by involving the community in our planning and redevelopment efforts. As redevelopment goals are achieved, “New Life” will be expressed in the viable commercial and residential neighborhoods which result from the implementation of the plan.

Our redevelopment efforts follow Part III, Chapter 163 of the Florida Statutes, which are are designed to eliminate blight by providing redevelopment plans, enhanced infrastructure, development incentives, marketing services and opportunities for citizen input. Currently, efforts are targeted at improving the downtown as well as the three commercial corridors leading into downtown.

Current projects include:

  • Restoring the historic McCollum Hall to its former glory as a commercial center and jazz hall where famous musicians like Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington used to play;
  • Creating a neighborhood plan for the Gardner’s Park neighborhood;
  • Creating a redevelopment plan for the “Midtown” area which surrounds the City of Palms stadium;
  • Entering into a public private partnership to secure a new full-service hotel which would be built adjacent to the Harborside Event Center; and
  • Updating the 2010 Cleveland Avenue Redevelopment Plan.

Past projects include:

  • Constructing the award-winning Downtown Utility Replacement & Streetscape project and the Riverfront Water Basin projects both of which are located in the Downtown;
  • Adopting a new Land Development Code (the Smart Code) which increased residential densities and resulted in the construction of over 1,200 housing units with a value of over $500 million.
  • Awarding approximately $1.2 million of landscape façade grants to local businesses in the Cleveland Ave and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd corridor stimulating an estimated $24 million of private investment and 545 new jobs;
  • Partnering with the City to construct a stormwater detention basin system which will be used to stimulate redevelopment projects along Cleveland Avenue by allocating offsite stormwater credits; and
  • Completing the Stabilization of McCollum Hall
We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the City of Fort Myers CRA and its redevelopment efforts. A map showing the boundaries of each of the redevelopment areas along with information specific to each redevelopment area can be accessed by clicking here.

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