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The City strives to provide convenient, accessible parking which will meet the needs of all who come downtown to live, work, dine or shop. One of our main goals is ensuring that people have a positive experience when they visit the Downtown River District so they will return and continue supporting our local businesses.

In order to achieve that goal, the City offers a variety of parking options in the Downtown Area to meet the needs of the visitors, residents and daytime employees who come downtown each day in their vehicles. Public parking options include two (2) City-owned public parking garages (the City of Palms Garage with 545 spaces, and the Main Street Garage with 586 spaces), five (5) City-owned public surface parking lots (including one which is served by pay stations), on-street parking, which includes both short and long-term metered spaces (approximately 400 spaces), and free two-hour timed spaces (220 spaces). All public parking in the Downtown Area is time regulated.

The Parking Division is a self-supported enterprise fund that operates, maintains and repairs parking facilities and equipment in the City.  The City contracts with Denison Parking to provide parking management and parking enforcement services in Downtown Fort Myers. Denison enforces Chapter 86 Traffic and Vehicles, Articles III and VI of the City’s Municipal Code by issuing parking citations and immobilizing vehicles.  All revenues collected by Denison are deposited into the City’s parking enterprise fund. These revenues are used for routine operating and maintenance expenditures, capital improvements as well as the purchase of new equipment.

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