• Best practice resources and upcoming event information by email
  • Electronic updates sent monthly with your agency's input included
  • Improved website provides a community calendar of events and links to member agencies
  • Organizational development guidance and assistance
  • Collaborative funding proposal coordination and grant writing technical assistance
  • Cooperative planning for youth service programs and service evaluation
FMYSC sponsors a range of hour-long to multi-day training events to help your youth-serving organization build capacity to provide quality programs and services.

FMYSC Benefits
Benefits of joining FMYSC:
  • Get information on upcoming events, trainings, conferences, projects, and new initiatives
  • Learn more about other youth development activities in the city
  • Access to free materials and presentations on the assets framework, community development, and youth development
  • Connect with other youth-serving agencies and share what your organization is doing
  • Subcommittee of interest
  • Share your ideas on how to help our youth succeed
  • Meet and speak with youth that are making a difference
  • Be inspired, hear local success stories
  • Explore possibilities of partnerships
  • Be part of strategic planning for Fort Myers children and youth
  • Share the concerns, interests and needs of the children and families you work with. Discuss what areas are neglected and need more focus
  • Become known as a positive youth development based organization
Get Involved
FMYSC current members say you should join for the following reasons:
  • "One Voice"
  • A leader in youth development
  • Breadth of representation
  • Common direction and community collaboration
  • Easy access to information
  • Fun
  • Grassroots, members
  • Great for people to give input to other organizations
  • Guiding the community to develop a plan for positive youth development
  • Involvement of youth
  • Many participating agencies
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to share info and get to know each other
  • Organized coalition
  • Pulled together youth serving organizations
  • Resource and information sharing
  • Strategic plan
  • Strength based and developmental assets
  • Supportive and effective staff
  • Working together and networking
  • Youth-focused with a common goal