How do I request a fire inspection?

Requests for fire inspections should be directed to the Fire Prevention Bureau at 239-321-7350.  

Inspections on any permitted work is to be made by the contractor of record for the permit.  No work shall be covered (i.e.: drywall, ceiling tile, etc.) and no fire sprinkler piping shall be hung until the necessary inspections have been completed and approved.  Please remember a representative is required onsite for the inspection along with a copy of the approved plan and permit.  

Need a specific time?  There are two (2) specific time slots available each day (8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.).  As an additional convenience inspection requests can be made via the MobileEyes Contractor Permit Portal.  Requests received via the portal are limited and subject to inspector availability.  

Business Tax Receipts - The initial fire inspection for Business Tax Receipts (BTRs) is scheduled by the Building Department.  The Building Department sets up the fire and building inspections for the same day and time providing for a streamlined process for the business owner.  Follow up requests on fire inspections can be directed to the assigned inspector or you may contact the Fire Prevention Bureau.  A list of common fire violations is provided in the document below.

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