What is Organizational Development and Training?

a. Organizational Development covers the entire organization when it comes to performance management, workforce planning that includes training and succession planning.

b. Succession planning helps current department leaders identify potential leaders and create a pathway toward obtaining supervisory positions within the City of Fort Myers.

c. Use the NeoGov Perform and Learn systems to track the evaluation process of all employees in the City and to assign training that allows further compliance and development.

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1. What is Organizational Development and Training?
2. What is succession planning?
3. What if I want to be a supervisor, but am not being developed after I make the request, what should I do?
4. I am a supervisor and I do not know how to identify potential, future supervisors. Who do I contact for help?
5. I am a supervisor and I want to assign goals for an employee but am not sure of what goals I need to assign or how to make it fair for multiple employees.